“The leader of the renewable energy industry with
social and environmental care”


The company focuses on the production and management of renewable energy with important missions as follows:

To build energy security with leading technology integrated with quality resources.
To operate the business in accordance with good governance and friendliness to the community and environment.
To add value and increase the satisfaction of customers, shareholders, and stakeholders.
To make responsible investment with appropriate risk management.
To create sustainable growth.

Core Values

With the vision of The group wishing to be a leader in the environmentally and community-friendly renewable energy industry, The group has therefore set the main values for working as follows:



Continuous development and improvement in power generation technology with innovation.


Good governance, care for the organization, and friendliness to the community and the environment.


Commitment to excellent outcome.


Symbols of shapes mean the endless cycle of clean energy. They represent electricity, water, and the sky revolving around the green world, representing the land and the forest aiming to realize a commitment to being a clean electric energy producer staying sustainably with communities, society, and the environment.

TGE - Dark blue
Dark blue, representing water that nourishes life and society.
TGE – Sky Blue
Sky Blue, representing the sky with good air, without pollution and impact on the world.
TGE - White
White, representing clean electric energy generation friendly to the environment.
TGE – Green
Green, representing the valuable land and forests that sustainably foster all lives.
REMARK: Please click the blue dot to see the meaning

Letter Symbols

The coherence of the bold blue letters, TGE, represents stability and firmness and indicates a commitment to operating a clean electric energy generation business that sustainably grows with the global society.